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Home \ News \ First Georgian Restaurant Opens in Washington DC. article from Georgia Today

First Georgian Restaurant Opens in Washington DC

First Georgian Restaurant Opens in Washington DC. article from Georgia Today

The first Georgian restaurant 'Supra' opened in Washington DC, United States (US) on Tuesday, the Washingtonian reports, adding that Supra means “celebratory feast”.

The article reads that the Georgian cuisine shares some similarities with Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food, thanks to its location straddling Eastern Europe and Western Asia.

“But it’s mountainous geography means the region has developed flavors all of its own using spices and herbs like tarragon, coriander, dried marigold petals, and blue fenugreek. Walnuts and pomegranates are also commonly used,” Washintonian reports, adding the restaurant also has a traditional Georgian oven, similar to a tandoor, for fresh breads.

The article also underlines that Georgia’s winemaking tradition is believed to date back around 8,000 years.

“Supra will serve 20 to 30 bottles to start, including amber wine - white wine that’s been oxidized with grape skins so it takes on an amber color.  Cocktails incorporate chacha, a Georgian brandy, and traditional ingredients like walnuts and tarragon,” reads the article. 

Furthermore, Eater Washington DC also dedicated an article to the Georgian restaurant, saying co-owners Jonathan and Laura Nelms’ spacious 4,000-square-foot restaurant at 1205 11th Street NW aims to transport guests thousands of miles away to a corner of the world thought to have produced the world’s first wines.

The article reads that the Mediterranean-influenced menu from Malkhaz Maisashvili, the former chef of the Embassy of Georgia in Washington, kicks off with a lineup of small plates including vegetable paté-like pkhali made of spinach, green beans, or beets minced with walnuts and Georgian spices, as well as a variety of khinkali soup dumplings.

“Larger portions designed for sharing include whole grilled branzino with pomegranate sauce, and chanakhi lamb with seasonal vegetables,” the article says.

Eater Washington DC says the interior accents across the 136-seat restaurant, designed by 2Scale Interiors, include nods to traditional culture, like wooly Georgian “papakhi” hats and “supra” tablecloths alongside modern art.

“There’s also art from Tbilisi-based artists, including a metalwork installation of the curvy Georgian alphabet,” the article reads.

By Thea Morrison

Edited by Tamzin Whitewood 

Je viens de passer quelques jours magnifiques en Géorgie, le pays que je voulais visiter depuis longtemps, finalement nous nous sommes rencontrés grâce à FLAMINGO TOUR, l'équipe (que je recommande hautement) des professionnels, des gens passionnés pour leur métier et fiers de leur pays riche en histoire, en gastronomie, en personnalités exceptionnelles. Le tombeau de la Sainte Nino, l'ancienne ville de Mtskheta, le cathédrale Svetickhoveli, l'abbaye caché en haut dans les montagnes, les vignobles privés, les caves de vin remplis de l'histoire..tout cela m'a impressionné jusqu'au fond de mon coeur. Je suis tombée amoureuse de ce pays merveilleux..❤️Je vous promets, FLAMINGO TOUR GEORGIA que je reviens. Donc, à très bientôt! Merci beaucoup, Madlobt!
Добрый день! Очень признательны Вам, большое спасибо за организацию нашего отдыха, все было очень прекрасно: отель, оздоровительные процедуры и экскурсии. Мы очень давольны отдыхом, оздоровились, набрались сил и впечатлений! Пусть всегда вам сопутствует успех! здоровья вам и процветания вашей компании.